Wiltshire Liqueur – The Moonraker Cocktail Collection

When Wiltshire Liqueur responded to my “Send me your products” request on instagram back in March, I was very excited to test out their beautiful colourful liqueurs on my new photography backdrops.

They were so impressed with the images they asked me to shoot their new Moonraker Cocktail Collection!

The people of Wiltshire are proud to be known as Moonrakers and the story behind this legend is something that resonates with Wiltshire Liqueur, as its history lies in alcohol – where many a good story has its roots.

This 18th century folk story tells of locals smuggling barrels of French brandy on a full moon night. They accidentally dropped the barrels into a village pond and used hay rakes to try to fish them out. A passing customs officer was passing and challenged what they were doing. Deciding to play the fool they said they were trying to rake out the big round cheese they spotted in the water pointing to the reflection of the moon. The real fool of the story was the excise man who assumed they were village idiots and the smugglers got away without paying any alcohol duty.

With this great story in mind, Wiltshire Liqueur have created their Moonraker Cocktail Collection inspired by the many myths, legends and geographical features of Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Liqueur have 5 different liqueurs which are; Sloe Gin, Wild Strawberry, Damson Vodka, Blood Orange and Christmas Liqueur.

Each liqueur has 3 cocktails, and it was my job was to style, create, mix and photograph each one! A total of 15 cocktails.

It may sound simple, but for the stylists and creators out there, this is a big juicy * mind the pun* project!

Each cocktail took me between 2-3 hours to style, mix, re mix, light, pour, & finally photograph.

I was greatly inspired by the individual stories connected with each cocktail and used them to influence my choice of the lighting, the backdrops, the props and the overall look and feel of each photo.

This project took me 1 month to shoot, and I am so pleased to announce that I can now share all these photos and cocktail recipes with you!

Thank you Wiltshire Liqueur for giving me the opportunity to shoot your Moonraker Cocktail Collection.

You can view all the recipes HERE!!!

Which one is your favourite?



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