With the help of Shannon’s images our online audience has grown extensively. We love her Yearly Membership Packages, they are less expensive and much more valuable than booking one off photoshoots.
Peter Newman - Owner

Mission Burrito

Shannon works so hard on each shoot to really capture food at its best. The yearly package is valuable in so many ways and we’ll definitely be booking again this year. As a small business it helped financially to split the cost in to affordable payments but more importantly gave us the opportunity to capture seasonal specials and new promotions throughout the year rather than having to fork out for one off shoots or wait until the following year. 
Amie Irish - Head of Marketing 

Colline’s Kitchen

Every image Shannon takes really tells a story and captures each business in a unique way. The packages that SLR offers are flexible and very reasonably priced so I decided to take the yearly package and it’s the best thing that I ever did for my business! I now have a library of images to use on my social media, website and anywhere! My audience has engaged with me more and everyone comments on how great the pictures are.
Colline Watts - Owner

Makan Malaysia

I am never disappointed with Shannon’s work, she is a genius! What we really love about working with Shannon is that she takes the time to understand what it is you are trying to create so that she can plan for the photos to stay relevant to your business, and not just 'pretty pictures' for the sake of it. 
Sue Jolly - Owner

Sojo Kitchen

These images are INSANE!! I am so so happy with the result, what a fantastic day!  The yearly packages are such excellent venue and I am always so excited to receive the edited images within a week of our photoshoots - the results have transformed our social media!
Victoria Wellington - Owner

Veni & Son

SLR is truly incredible. With her flexibility and willingness she is always on hand to get the pictures we need. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge has raised the bar of how we are perceived and is always pushing to create something new and exciting. Working with SLR only brings joy and laughter. For us there is only one food photographer.
Chris Williams - Owner

Nyama Catering

WOW! Words cannot describe the happiness and pride you are providing us with these AMAZING pictures of our business.Thank you thank you thank you!
George Zaayman - Owner

The Merry Kitchen

Shannon totally understood the ethos behind my style of food and my business and captures this in her photographs. Her attention to detail during her photo shoots is exceptional. Shannon took more care than I would have done with my own dishes to make sure they looked right and captured the style of The Merry Kitchen. She is passionate about her work and this showed with her unfailing desire to make sure I was totally happy with every look/style/photo she produced. As a small business I was able to split the cost of the package over the year, this was a huge help to my budgeting requirements. Whenever I use any of her shots in my social media, the response is excellent and I can say without doubt, has been a major part of securing the catering for events and weddings.  
Joanna Teague - Owner 


Shannon and I worked together for a long term client of 'Strong & Together’, Joli. We initially discussed the styling and content required th  en we worked together to source props and style the photographs at the shoot. It was a pleasure to work with Shannon, she is bubbly and excellent at coming up with ideas for angles and styling - every photograph required had many angles and compositions to select final images from. She was also very proactive in taking extra shots of ingredients, cooking, preparation etc that could be used for further brand images/social media. She works really well with clients to understand their brand and what images will help them fully represent it. I would highly recommend Shannon.
Clare Sheffield - Joli’s Brand Marketing Designer

The Vineyard Hotel

We have worked with Shannon on a number of projects and our recent Back to the Vine was by far the most challenging yet. We had 7 different Michelin star chefs with us over 7 days and the brief was to get detail shots of each dish, the chef himself in the kitchen and (if possible) some arrival shots of the guests.  Shannon completely exceeded our expectations and went over and above her remit – she was with us from the start of every night to the finish and by the end of the week was almost a full time member of The Vineyard team! Her professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for culinary delight and photography came to life, not only on the night but also in the images we received thereafter.  We couldn’t recommend Shannon anymore highly and thank her once again for her dedication and commitment to doing a fantastic job.
Sarah Prankerd  Director of Marketing & Sales

Chilli Dogs

Having recent photos of our food proved to work really well across both our website and instagram feed as it allowed us to keep content fresh and also give us content related to different seasons. Shannon offers a super friendly and down-to-earth approach to business and is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her annual photo packages if you want to boost your marketing and have the guarantee of fresh professional photos throughout the entire year. 
Steph Ley - Owner 

Blackberry Cottage

Photos speak a thousand words! I can really testify this statement.  Shannon has taken photos for several parts of our business, every time, has been forward thinking and imaginative. Photography is a vital part of our business as we all “eat with your eyes.” I can truly say that many of our customers comment on how lovely our photos are.Shannon has a lovely relaxed manner and is really fun to work with.
Photographing Her Book: 
Shannon, an incredible  photographer who has an extraordinary talent for knowing just what light and colour scheme is needed to make the cakes look their absolute best. 
Kate Saunders - Owner

The Newbury Pub

I have worked with Shannon on many projects, and more in the pipeline. It is fantastic working with Shannon as her work captures the images how I see them.  She displays the beauty of the subject in more ways than one and really tells the story of our business.  Shannon’s photos truly do speak a thousand words!
Peter Lumber – Owner

The Grange Festival

Shannon was an absolute pleasure to work with, she was flexible and very accommodating (even when it came to asking her to go in an aeroplane to get some aerial photographs!) We love all the pictures of the Festival and I think she did a great job of capturing the atmosphere and beauty of The Grange.
Alice Blincoe - Digital Marketing Office