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A Video Recipe with Colline’s Kitchen: Coconut Lentil Dahl

2nd December 2020

A super easy & delicious vegan Coconut Lentil Dahl dish! We start with buying all the fresh produce from the market & then make the recipe in my kitchen with Colline,...

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How My Backdrops Are Made

17th November 2020

5 years ago when I had the idea to create my own photography backdrops, I knew I wanted them to be different from anything else I had seen or used.  Plastic...

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Wiltshire Liqueur – The Moonraker Cocktail Collection

16th November 2020

When Wiltshire Liqueur responded to my “Send me your products” request on instagram back in March, I was very excited to test out their beautiful colourful liqueurs on my new photography...

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How to use Photography Backdrops

23rd September 2020

Rustic, warm, bright, light, colourful ~ what ever look and feel you desire, there will be a photography backdrop out there to help you create it!  Photography Backdrops are faux textures...

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10 Tips to Improve Your Food or Product Photography

14th September 2020

Don’t let bad photography ruin your food or products you are selling!  If you think professional photography is expensive, how much do you think a bad photo could cost your business?...

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Photographer VS Chicken – My First Photoshoot Since Lockdown

8th July 2020

Can you believe it has been 3 months since we stepped into a cafe, pub or restaurant?  Yes. Yes I can.  I have missed my clients enormously, especially photographing all their...

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How to pick your perfect photography backdrop!

15th June 2020

Having just launched my new collection of backdrops I have had a few people ask me which backdrop to choose, so I thought I would give you 3 tips on how...

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Introducing My Own Photography Backdrops!

15th June 2020

Having spent the last 5 years creating, perfecting and using my own backdrops, I felt it was finally time to sell them, and share the love!

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Happy 10th Birthday!

11th February 2019

When people ask me what I do for a living it gives me such great joy to answer with: “ I am a Food and Wedding Photographer.” 

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The Quince Tree – A Hidden Culinary Gem

23rd August 2018

The beautiful and tranquil Quince Tree Cafes are both nestled amongst the stunning grounds of Clifton Nurseries. A serene space to sip your morning coffee, grab a fresh smoothie, meet your...

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Back To The Vine – Celebrating 20 years. 7 Chefs. 7 Days

8th August 2018

The Vineyard five star hotel and spa are notoriously known for their 30,000 bottle wine cellar. Yes you did read that many zero’s, it is not a typo!  

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Shooting My First Cook Book. Blackberry Cottage’s – Cakes with secret Ingredients from Aubergine to Zucchini

8th June 2018

100 Recipes. 6 Weeks. 12580 Images. 30 Vegetables = 1 Cookbook

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True Colours: People around the world

18th May 2018

“Happy people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything.” 

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My Creative Cooking Discovery: Blueberry Muffins

24th April 2018

Following my creative cooking discovery, where I am not just being a food photographer, but I am also baking from scratch and then styling it! This week I made blueberry muffins… 

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Homemade Granola

17th April 2018

As apart of my creative cooking discovery I recently made Granola! 

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Happy Stuff Your Face With Chocolate Day

29th March 2018

Ahhh yes the best time of year apart from Christmas, as far as I am concerned! I am a great lover of chocolate, and would bathe in it if I could!...

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My Creative Cooking Discovery: Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins.

26th March 2018

I have decided it is time for me to start creating my very own food photography. By this I mean; Cook. Bake. Style. Shoot. The whole operation. From start to finish.

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Veni & Son – Field to Fork

15th March 2018

My husband Chris has recently set up his own catering business called Veni & Son. You may have seen me talking about it on my social media pages.

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Four Seasons Photography

1st March 2018

New Photos. All Year Round.

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7th February 2018

I see a lot of bad images being used by food businesses and I really have to ask WHY? All the hard work, energy and creativity that goes into creating your...

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L’Ortolan – The taste of perfection

26th January 2018

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting all the new seasonal dishes for L’Ortolan. Head Chef extraordinaire Tom Clarke and his team welcomed me with open arms. It...

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Keep It Fresh

3rd January 2018

Hello 2018 and Happy New Year My Friends 😉 Time to press the refresh button and make exciting and delicious new plans for the year ahead.

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Tell Your Story

20th April 2017

I strongly believe that every business is unique, and that your story should be told through each and every one of your images.

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How to Maximise the use of your Photography

20th April 2017

This checklist will help you maximise the use of your images, it will help you get the most from your beautiful photography in the right places and at the right time.

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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy pizza!

10th April 2017

The Wild Fork have recently opened their beautiful pizza oven at River & Rowing Museum café terrace.

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The Wandering Feast

2nd April 2017

Epic high quality Street Food! Gone are the days of the greasy burger vans. This is street food at its BEST!

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The Newbury – Taster Menu Evening

27th March 2017

I was invited to The Newbury to photograph their new A La Carte menu VIP event. 9 Courses with flight of wine later and I was indeed a very happy foodie!

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Don’t Starve Your Marketing

19th March 2017

I am on a mission to help food based business tell their stories. Marketing needs feeding. It is a very hungry beast!

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Goring & Streatley Food & Drink Festival

3rd March 2017

The Goring & Streatley Food & Drink Festival was born from my love and passion for local food and drink producers.

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13 Ways to Make Your Food Look as Good as it Tastes

1st March 2017

I am very passionate when it comes to working with foodies. I get tingles down my spine when I see the enormous effects that good photography has on a food business.

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Don’t make cake out of concrete

26th February 2017

I promise I haven’t gone totally nutty as a fruitcake! This is something I truly believe needs to be said, only because I have just done it myself!

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Lucky Number 13

20th February 2017

Last year I worked on an exciting photography project with the The Miller of Mansfield, and am helping them tell their whole story & build their photo library.

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A Wild Fork Recipe

4th February 2017

BBQ Butterfly Haunch of Muntjac with seasonal asparagus and confit tomatoes – created with The Wild Fork.

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Recipe: Chicken with Susannah’s Tasty Tarragon Mayonnaise

20th January 2017

This is a super healthy and delicious meal that can be made under an hour.

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Long Live My Inspiration!

20th December 2016

Throughout the years I have been putting up photo quotes on my Facebook and Twitter pages that have lovely inspirational words I have combined with my own images.

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Making a splash at Henley Regatta

15th July 2016

Henley Regatta is one of the country’s most traditional British event. When The Wild Fork, quintessential British caterers, got the opportunity to cater at Henley, they didn’t hesitate to bring along...

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Time for a Braai!

3rd June 2016

One of my favourite clients, Nyama, (no … not because they are South African!) but because they offer something so deliciously different.

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A Sensationally Saucy Shoot!

4th May 2016

These days us hungry humans have less less time to prepare and create delicious homemade meals, and as a consequence lots of families rely on meals such as, ready meals, pasta...

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