Blackberry Cottage

Blackberry Cottage is an independent cake baker creating vegetable cakes. Kate just released her first cook book!



“Photos speak a thousand words! I can really testify this statement.  Shannon has taken photos for several parts of our business, every time, has been forward thinking and imaginative. Photography is a vital part of our business as we all “eat with your eyes.” I can truly say that many of our customers comment on how lovely our photos are.Shannon has a lovely relaxed manner and is really fun to work with.” 
On Photographing Her Book: 
“Shannon, an incredible  photographer who has an extraordinary talent for knowing just what light and colour scheme is needed to make the cakes look their absolute best” 
Kate Saunders - Owner 
Photography Used ForBlackbery Cottage's: Cook Book / Website / Social Media / Packaging / Press / Courses / Newsletters
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