The Roberta Tetzner Series*
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*Hand painted with local artist Roberta Tetzner – 
Roberta is an extraordinary painter and I instantly fell in love with her work the moment we met. Her paintings are so extraordinarily beautiful, each one draws you into a serene and abstract world of intense colour and flow. 
I wanted to create a ‘Hand painted’ series of backdrops, and knew Roberta was the perfect artist to collaborate with. Thank you Roberta! 


Each backdrop is printed on Polycotton Canvas – 75% fabric, 25% polyester.

All sizes available have been environmentally measured, to ensure minimal print wastage.

These textured canvas cotton backdrops are water resistant, spill proof, easy to clean and non-reflective.  They are also very durable, lightweight and easy to roll. 

 Great for flat lay, food and product photography.

Fix upright or lay flat to create professional still-life scenes using multiple backdrops.

 Each backdrops is printed in high resolution on colour calibrated canvas fabric and is a 1:1 replica of the textures photographed. 

*Please note that different lighting will affect the colours of each backdrop.

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Square 24 in x 24 inches, Medium 16 in x 32 inches, Large 24 in x 48 inches