Photographer VS Chicken – My First Photoshoot Since Lockdown

Can you believe it has been 3 months since we stepped into a cafe, pub or restaurant? 

Yes. Yes I can. 

I have missed my clients enormously, especially photographing all their delicious food and drinks. 

When I got the “we need more photos” message from Milly, at Cartshed Cafe, I was absolutely thrilled. 

Finally, my time had come to take photos again!

Like most pubs and restaurants, The Cartshed has changed how they operate and now have a new outside area with plenty of new benches waiting to be sat on. 

The focus of this shoot was to capture their new summer dishes, coffee and cakes, new wine list and the gorgeous new outside dining area. Which has a fantastic looking stretch tent covered in bunting and chickens roaming around the wild flowered garden.

So when Milly bought me cappuccino to photograph (covered in all its milk foam artistic glory) I naturally put it amongst the wild flowers on the grass, wanting to incorporate their beautiful new space. 

As I was snapping away, one of the chickens strutted its way up to the cup and immediately started pecking into my perfect cappuccino. 

Through fits of laughter, I tried to nudge it away, but this chicken was too busy enjoying its caffeine hit. 

Now with tears in my eyes from now laughing so much, I gave up nudging and just started snapping! 

Have you ever seen a chicken drinking a cappuccino? 

Its beak was covered in milk froth and it had the biggest chicken smile I have ever seen!

I cannot tell you how funny this was. Especially as there were customers inside watching this ridiculous scene out the window. A crazy giggling photographer and a chicken covered in cappuccino froth.  

They must have been thinking “what on earth is this photographer doing with the coffee and that chicken?” 

Oh my word, just typing this is making me laugh even more. 

The rest of the shoot involved this comical thirsty chicken jumping on the benches whilst trying to shoot the new wines, nibbling the scones and cake when we were not looking and pecking at my toes as if trying to say “Oi lady, give me more of that caffeine juice, it was fantastic!” 

I love my job so much.


*Click right on the image above to see more photos from this shoot!

*Click here to see The Cartshed’s new menu, hamper deliveries & new weekend outdoor seating area! 

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