Don’t Starve Your Marketing

I am on a mission to help food based business tell their stories. Marketing needs feeding. It is a very hungry beast!

If you don’t keep feeding it your business will starve & your customers will get very thin!

But never fear ( *cue flying in with colourful cape and dramatic music)… SLR is here!

I will not let your business starve.

I have made food photography more affordable and more accessible to all different food based businesses and budgets. From food stall holders, restaurants, pubs, and everything in-between! I have designed specific price packages for all types of food based business.

Photography is an investment, it will help grow your business, your client base and also your brand. The marketing world is a very visual place, especially with the forever growing social media channels. Bad photos can loose customers. It’s that simple. I am not even going to try and sugar coat that statement!

So join me on my quest to helping all foodies! I urge you to stop, if only for a few minutes and ask yourself these questions:

1.) How you are portraying yourself to your customers?

2.) Can they see your epic, mouthwatering food you create?

3.) Do they see how friendly, fun and creative your chefs & staff are?

4.) Do you have an amazing image library on your Website/Facebook/Instagram and all other social media accounts?

If you have answered no so far, why not give me a call and let me help you.

Please don’t starve your marketing!

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