Long Live My Inspiration!

Throughout the years I have been putting up photo quotes on my Facebook and Twitter pages that have lovely inspirational words I have combined with my own images.

I have decided to sell them as packs of postcards – long live my inspiration!

So if you not sure what to get someone for Christmas, perhaps they would like a gorgeous pack of inspirational photo postcards?

Every postcard is a different photo with a different message. A little nugget of inspiration everyday!

I am selling them in a pack of 50 postcards for £45. You can do whatever you wish with them. Stick them in a frame, on a wall, in your office, on your cat! They are yours, so go wild!

Spreading my love, and keeping you inspired.

Order yours by simply copying this message “ Yes please I want a pack of your 50 inspirational postcards “ – and send it to me on an email – shannon@slr-photography.co.uk

You can see in the gallery above some of the photos you will get in your pack. If you want to see all you are going to get you can click here!

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