How to use Photography Backdrops

Rustic, warm, bright, light, colourful ~ what ever look and feel you desire, there will be a photography backdrop out there to help you create it! 

Photography Backdrops are faux textures or surfaces, in order to create a scene to compliment your food or product.

But HOW do we use them? 

It is important to know where and how to position your backdrops, but also how you can use photography backdrops to enhance your brand AND make your photos look professional!

My Top 6 tips on how to use Photography Backdrops to make your photography more professional:  

1.) Place your backdrop near a window, the more light the better! 

The more light that you can shed onto your subject, the better it will look. As ceiling lights can be very yellow, and cast a horrible quality light onto your subject. So find natural light, and switch off any ceiling lights. 

If your only choice is ceiling lighting, then I would highly recommend editing your images after in a photography app *many free ones are available and take out that “yellow” hue.  

2.) Think about your layout and your angels. 

Are you shooting a flat lay or a side on scene? 

A flat lay is a flat set up, with one backdrop on the floor, and you genuinely shoot the image from above.  

Side on angles up to 90° will require a different set up, which will consist of 2 backdrops. One backdrop flat on the floor, and the other backdrop propped up at a 90 degree angle. 

I use a thin bit of foam board to clip my backdrop onto, as this props up against most things you can find around your house, or up against a wall. It is light and easy to move.  

Take your time to set up your backdrops properly, so when you are ready to bring your food or products onto the backdrop, your scene is all set in the perfect light, and ready for you to start taking your photos. 

3.) Start snapping! 

I always shoot at least 3-4 different angles of my subject. If you are simply doing a flat lay, then I would try zooming in and out to see which crop looks the best! 

Every product has a WOW angle which makes it look its best, so you need to shoot a few angles in order to find it. 

Remember the rule of thirds and move your subject off to one side, not always placing it in the centre. This leaves space and will create interest and flow in your image. 

This space can also then be used for a catchy marketing phrase, pricing tags, or any words you wish to add later. 

4.) Add props & fresh ingredients. 

This depends on what you are shooting and if your product is food based or is made from fresh ingredients. Think about colourful and complimentary objects that could make your food or product look more interesting. 

For example: napkins, newspaper, cutlery, glass of juice etc. You don’t need many, but one or two props that can be placed off to the side, will enhance and help your subject shine! 

*Be careful not to use too many props, as they are simply there to help tell your story, not to take all the limelight.

5.) Remember your brand, when using your backdrops. 

The backdrop you have chosen, should be in keeping with your brand colours & style. ( If you cannot decide which one to choose, read my blog on “How to choose your backdrop!”) The more images you take and upload will start to build up your following, and your audience will start to recognise your products simply by the colour backdrops & props you are using. Your brand will look stronger, more noticeable and more professional. 

6.) Tell your story! 

Create movement! Instead of just having the subject on its own, think about a way to create a more interesting and relatable, photo, that will draw in peoples attention? 

For example; opening it, eating it, using it, holding it, picking it up? 

You could even try placing something down within in your scene. Or if you have food, can you pour it, sprinkle it, or stir it? 

 Using the human element can create beautiful movement and make your product more interesting and relatable to your audience.  

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If you want to find out exactly how to use my photography backdrops – check out this video I made!


Happy Snapping!

If you have any questions, please feel free to pop me an email! 

S x

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