How to pick your perfect photography backdrop!

Having just launched my new collection of backdrops I have had a few people ask me which backdrop to choose, so I thought I would give you 3 tips on how to pick your perfect photography backdrop.

It’s as easy as I … 2 …. 3! 

TIP 1: Your Brand Identity: 

What kind of look and feel do you want your images to look like? Dark & Moody? Light & bright? Colourful & Exotic? Rustic & Earthy? 

If you can identify what your brand is, or what you want you food or product to look like this is a great starting place to narrowing down the colours and textures you will need to enhance your brand identity. 

Or if you are still not sure, think about what colour your product or food will be and choose a complimentary colour, (check out the colour wheel here) as this will make your food or product really pop and stand out. 

TIP 2: Your Product: 

What is it that you are wanting to capture? It is something that is going to work on a flat layout? Will most of your images will be taken from a birds eye view? If so a 1 square set up placed on the floor is perfect for you! 

OR does your food or product need photographing from the side? Which then means you will need a 2 backdrop set up, or a larger backdrop which can be clipped into place to act as both the bottom and back of your set up. 

TIP 3: Your Size: 

Think about what size your food or product is that you will be taking photos of. For smaller set ups, IE one product, one plate, the square backdrops work perfectly for this! 

Or if you have a fairly small product the medium backdrops work as an all in one backdrop. 

For full flat lay scenes or bigger products, the large backdrops will be perfect for this! 

The set up I use most is 2 square backdrops, one lying flat and the other pinned up against foam board. I find this set up works for most food and small backdrop scenarios. 

If you need a bit more clarity, I made this 5 minute video explaining all 3 size set ups: 

If you have any other questions, ping me an email and I would be happy to help you pick your perfect backdrop! 

Happy picking! 


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