How My Backdrops Are Made

5 years ago when I had the idea to create my own photography backdrops, I knew I wanted them to be different from anything else I had seen or used. 

Plastic free, non reflective, high quality, water resistant, and just beautiful. 

When I started working with Rich from Print Ready, a few years ago, I knew he was the perfect printer. He understood my needs and always kept coming up with new materials for us to try and print on. When he showed me the Poly Cotton Fabric, I knew it was exactly what I had envisioned all those years ago! 

Poly cotton fabric is 75% cotton and 25% polyester. It is environmentally friendly, non reflective, spill proof, easy to clean, durable, lightweight and easy to roll. 

We also carefully picked the sizes to ensure minimal print wastage. 

Each backdrop is printed in high resolution and all photos are taken by myself. Over the years and all throughout my travels. The textures range from anything like a wooden barn, to a garden tile, a rustic Vietnamese boat, or a simple white brick wall. I also have a range of hand painted textures I painted with local artist Roberta Tetzner . As I wanted to also offer something a little more abstract as well. 

I have over 100 different designs, also including over 40 solid colour backdrops. Something suitable for every brand, look and feel. 

They are great for flat lay photography and also perfect for creating professional still-life scenes using multiple backdrops.

They are very easy to use and set up, and roll up when you need to put them away. 

Creating great photos for social media has never been so easy! So many different textures right at your finger tips. No need for big heavy wooden boards or carting your products around to find the perfect backdrop. 

Take a peek at THIS VIDEO to see exactly how my backdrops are made, and meet my printer Rich! 

Each backdrop comes in 3 sizes: 

Square =  24 in x 24 inches / 60 cm x 60 cm 

Medium = 16 in x 32 inches / 40 cm x 81cm 

Large = 24 in x 48 inches / 60cm x 122cm

If you have any questions please feel free to email me and we can find your perfect backdrop! 


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