Don’t make cake out of concrete

I promise I haven’t gone totally nutty as a fruitcake! This is something I truly believe needs to be said, only because I have just done it myself!

I have recently gone through that lovely process (saying this through slightly gritted teeth) of updating ones websites. During this process it hit me that I have not had my best work displayed to the world, and in fact how foolish & absurd that is.

I see businesses spending their fortunes and their precious time investing in their websites. Only to go and put awful stock images, or photos they have tried to take on their i phones on their beautiful new swanky websites.

This gave me the impression of trying to bake the most delicious cake, but using concrete as the main ingredient.

I see websites like this all the time, and it makes me want to shed a tear. WHY?? Why spend all that time, money and effort making a “cake” that  you can’t even eat, or fully enjoy?

Surely after creating such a masterpiece you would only use the best images that are personal and unique to you and your business.

WHY?? Because this will put you above all your competitors AND make you stand out as being the best!

So needless to say, I have fully embraced my own cake comparison and now only have my best photos displayed on my website. Do you?

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