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How to use Photography Backdrops

Rustic, warm, bright, light, colourful ~ what ever look and feel you desire, there will be a photography backdrop out there to help you create it!  Photography Backdrops are faux textures or surfaces, in order to create a scene to compliment your food or product. But HOW do we use them? 

10 Tips to Improve Your Food or Product Photography

Don’t let bad photography ruin your food or products you are selling!  If you think professional photography is expensive, how much do you think a bad photo could cost your business? Simply follow my Top 10 tricks and tips to taking better food or product photos. 

Photographer VS Chicken – My First Photoshoot Since Lockdown

Can you believe it has been 3 months since we stepped into a cafe, pub or restaurant?  Yes. Yes I can.  I have missed my clients enormously, especially photographing all their delicious food and drinks. 

How to pick your perfect photography backdrop!

Having just launched my new collection of backdrops I have had a few people ask me which backdrop to choose, so I thought I would give you 3 tips on how to pick your perfect photography backdrop.

Introducing My Own Photography Backdrops!

Having spent the last 5 years creating, perfecting and using my own backdrops, I felt it was finally time to sell them, and share the love!

Happy 10th Birthday!

When people ask me what I do for a living it gives me such great joy to answer with: “ I am a Food and Wedding Photographer.” 

The Quince Tree – A Hidden Culinary Gem

The beautiful and tranquil Quince Tree Cafes are both nestled amongst the stunning grounds of Clifton Nurseries. A serene space to sip your morning coffee, grab a fresh smoothie, meet your friends for afternoon tea, or grab some lunch in-between buying some new pot plants.  

Back To The Vine – Celebrating 20 years. 7 Chefs. 7 Days

The Vineyard five star hotel and spa are notoriously known for their 30,000 bottle wine cellar. Yes you did read that many zero’s, it is not a typo!  

Shooting My First Cook Book. Blackberry Cottage’s – Cakes with secret Ingredients from Aubergine to Zucchini

100 Recipes. 6 Weeks. 12580 Images. 30 Vegetables = 1 Cookbook

True Colours: People around the world

“Happy people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything.”