Time for a Braai!

One of my favourite clients, Nyama, (no … not because they are South African!) but because they offer something so deliciously different.

They have now expanded their braai (BBQ for you non ‘saffas’) speciality, to all different types of BBQ’s from around the world.
I went along to photograph them in action at their open day and was amazed at all the different types of BBQ food they had to offer. Traditional English Hog Roast, The famous South African Braai. The Argentine Asado, The American Bar-B-Que, Indian Tandoor and even an authentic Italian Wood Fire.

My taste buds went from one corner of the globe to the other, from their Wild Texas style barbecue brisket, South African springbok skewers, and back to Italy with their amazing traditional wood fired pizza. Wow, what a sensational cuisine and gorgeous tasting journey.

They cater for all types of different events, from Weddings, Parties to fabulously posh BBQ’s.

Call me bias, but my favourite is definitely still the Braai! You can take the girl out of South Africa, but you cant take South Africa out of the girl!

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