Hi! Nice to meet you.

I'm Shannon Lee Robinson, aka ‘SLR’

... Destined to be a photographer!

Established since 2009 & been chasing light for 14 years.

About Me

 I am very passionate about helping small businesses build strong beautiful brands. I was born in South Africa and now live in the heart of the countryside in a lovely village called Aldworth in Berkshire.

I don’t just take pictures, I tell stories. I am at my happiest when I am capturing food and telling unique stories. Being a massive foodie, my entire body smiles every time I eat, especially when it is exceptional food! Food excites me, it challenges me, and makes me happy. This is why I love photographing food more than anything else.

I have worked in restaurants and bars since I was 14, so I also have inside experience into these businesses. Only now I’m equipped with a camera, my own created backdrops and many years experience of lighting, styling & making food look its best.

My second biggest passion is travelling. I love experiencing different cultures and tasting different exotic foods.

When food is presented in beautiful light, with the perfect props and complimentary backgrounds, is quite simply the most magical moment.

Food is life.

Bringing food to life, mastering it, capturing and tasting it ... is what I live for!

Why Work With Me?

Food Photography & Videography - everywhere & anywhere you need it!  

… & I mean anywhere! Back of a kitchen, corner of a cafe, in a restaurant booth, middle of a production kitchen, in a barn outside … anywhere! I have a portable studio so can set up anywhere I am needed.

I use both natural and artificial light, depending on the results and effects my clients are looking for. 

I have a large range of photography backdrops, cutlery, napkins & props to compliment your food if needed.  

I love my job. I love creating beautiful images to help businesses grow online and look their absolute best. 

I am a food stylist, content creator, videographer and photographer all in one happy package. 

I am always thinking outside the box and creating unique ways to make my clients stand out. 

Whether that is a Mouth Watering Photos, ‘Moving' Images, Reels, Stop Motion Videos, Timelapse Videos, Mini Planet Photos, 360°Virtual Tours, Food Videography or Reels with Voiceovers. 

I work hard to create personal & on brand content for each individual client, so that they look their best, grow their following & attract new customers.