Monthly Archives: March 2018

Happy Stuff Your Face With Chocolate Day

Ahhh yes the best time of year apart from Christmas, as far as I am concerned! I am a great lover of chocolate, and would bathe in it if I could! Our Easter Cake Story … What you may not know is that Chris, my husband (who also just started Veni & Son) is also my food stylist, and has been behind the scenes on many of my photoshoots. Throughout April we are both working on Blackberry Cottage’s new recipe […]

My Creative Cooking Discovery: Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins. 

I have decided it is time for me to start creating my very own food photography. By this I mean; Cook. Bake. Style. Shoot. The whole operation. From start to finish.

Veni & Son – Field to Fork

My husband Chris has recently set up his own catering business called Veni & Son. You may have seen me talking about it on my social media pages.

Four Seasons Photography

New Photos. All Year Round.