10 Tips to Improve Your Food or Product Photography

Don’t let bad photography ruin your food or products you are selling! 

If you think professional photography is expensive, how much do you think a bad photo could cost your business?

Simply follow my Top 10 tricks and tips to taking better food or product photos. 

1.) Invest in Photography Backdrops. 

This takes out all stress of finding a suitable “spot” that has no distractions in the background, like a messy kitchen or work surface. All you need to find is a flat surface to lay the backdrop on! 

*Not sure what photography backdrop will work for you? Read my blog post on “How to pick your perfect photography backdrop!” 


2.) Find the Natural Light! 

Go find a window, or go outside (preferably a grey day and not in direct sunlight!)

Food or products need light to look their absolute best! 

*Try avoid using the light from your ceiling light bulbs, as this light tends to be very “yellow” and will not show your food or products at it’s best. If that is all you have, when it comes to editing your image, just be aware of this and remove the “yellow” out of your photos. 


3.) Take Photos from Different Angels: 

Try taking different photos from all different angles. From above ( flat lay) 45°, and 90°.  

Every dish or product has a “best” angle that will make it look amazing, so take a few photos to find out what the winning angle is! 

*If all angles work, then you have additional images that you can use for future posts! 


4.) Edit your Images: 

There are plenty of free editing apps now available to download. Adding a bit of contrast, lighting up any dark sections, or adding a little saturation will make your image POP. 

*But whatever you do, don’t over edit it or your food or product will look fake. 


5.) Use your Best Props

Whether it is your best bowls, cutlery or glassware. Bring out the best! 

*Also try using different colours to compliment your backdrop. 


6.) Add Fresh Ingredients 

This applies if what you are selling is food or your product is made from “fresh” ingredients. Add fresh ingredients in the background to add colour and interest in your photo. 

*Be careful not to add to many, or you will distract the viewers away from your selling dish or product. 


7.) Style It Out 

Make sure your dish or product is looking it’s absolute best! Shine it, polish it, oil it, whatever it needs to look it’s best, make sure you do it before taking your photo. 


8.) Invest in a Tripod

Action shots are great for social media, and will also make your food or product look much more interesting. Especially when you can add “movement” or a “human element” into your image. 

If you want to take photos of yourself holding your product, or some sort of action pouring shot, then you will need a tripod or mount to hold your camera in place. This will free up your hands to do lots of action shots!


9.) Know Your Brand

Whenever I take on a new client I ask them to list key words that describe their brand, food or product. From these key words I will know exactly what backdrops, props and elements to choose in order to tell their story through each one of their images. This will strengthen their brand, and bring all their images together in telling their story.  

Knowing exactly what your Brand is, and what story you are telling will save you a lot of time when it comes to taking your images. For example, if you know your brand is rustic and earthy, you will know what type of backdrops & props to add in order to create your branded image.


10.) Tell Your Story 

What story are you trying to tell? 

Every time you take a photo, just take a second to ask yourself, “ What story do I want this image to tell?” 

This will give your image a purpose and focus, instead of just taking a photo for the sake of it. 

Take a minute to think about what it is you are saying through each of your images. This will give your photo much more power!  


Find the perfect backdrop for your brand – take a peek in my SHOP! 


I hope my tips will help you take better photos of your food or products! If you have any questions please send me a message or pop me an email!

Happy Snapping!

S x

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